Lakewood Tree Services: Trimming, Removal, Storm Damage

Lakewood is a tree city, with over 80,000 trees, the city has won the ‘USA tree city’ award every year since its creation.

With many trees comes many tree service specialists.  In this article we break down the average costs of tree service in Lakewood and what kind of companies to avoid.

Lakewood Tree Trimming

The most common type of tree service in Lakewood CO is tree trimming, with an estimated 5,600 projects completed in 2017.

You may need tree trimming or tree pruning for the following reasons

  • For safety, such as removing damaged branches after a storm
  • Creating extra space under or around the tree
  • Beautifying a scraggly tree
  • Giving the tree extra room to breath, increasing its longevity and health

Trimming Cost

Lakewood Cost Range: $75 – $1000

Lakewood Average Cost: $250 – $500

There are many variables that can determine a project’s cost:

  • The number of branches
  • Size of the branches
  • The type of tree (the wood hardness)
  • The height of the tree

The most crucial is the number of branches, expect to pay between $10-$25 per branch.

Tree Removal Cost

Lakewood Cost Range: $150 – $1500

Lakewood Cost Average:  $500 – $1000

Keep in mind there may be extra costs for stump removal or turning the tree into firewood.

Emerald Ash Borer

A difficult to detect pest that kills ash trees in 2-4 years.  It is difficult to detect because the larvae feeds under the bark, eventually working to the core of the tree and cutting off nutrients.

First arrived in Lakewood in 2013, found in William Frederick Hayden Park.  Believed to have arrived because of transporting infected firewood from eastern united states.

Keep an eye out for these symptoms if you have an ash tree:

  • Dieing branches near the top
  • D- shaped holes about 1/8 inch wide around the tree
  • Winding tunnel marks under the bark
  • New sprouts on the trunk and patch

If you suspect your ash trees are infected or have been exposed to infection you should get an evaluation immediately.  If caught within the first year the tree can still be save with treatment.

If there has been an outbreak in your neighborhood it is also a good idea to chemically treat your ash trees.  The treatment process is about $25-$100 depending on your tree.  Like with trimming and removal, make sure to get 2-3 evaluations to ensure you find a good price.

Picking a Contractor

Get more than one estimate, we recommend at least 3.  A good company won’t charge for the estimate, so its at no extra cost to you.  While this might be more time consuming it lets you pick the best deal. Quick tip: some companies might be pushy with sales, just tell them you need some time to think about it and you’ll get back to them tomorrow.

To make sure they finish the job, ask for written proposal that includes a list of all the work to be performed.  Include clean-up and haul away, or firewood.

Watch out for lakewood’s infamous door knockers.  These people go door to door offering tree services after storms.  Usually they are unlicensed and non-professionals looking for quick money.  Double check they have a license to work in Lakewood Colorado.

Ask to see a proof they are insured, check it is up to date.  If they aren’t insured you are looking at big cost if they make a mistake and damage your property.

And finally, don’t pay for tree work in advance, Lakewood city often gets complaints of rushed and unfinished work.  Especially over the phone, people who take money over the phone probably won’t return a call.

Lakewood Tree Service Licensing

Knowing a bit about the Lakewood licensing system can help you pick the right contractor for your needs.

For example, someone who performs chemical spraying will need a different license than someone who trims and remove trees.

The license not only ensures they are insured, but that they follow best practices for working in residential areas.

There are 4 types of license: Arboriculture, Large Tree, Ornamental, Spray License

Spray license – allows company to perform pesticide application, this prevents dangerous bugs like the Emerald Ash Borer from destroying your tree.  Issued by the Colorado department of agriculture instead of the City of Lakewood

Ornamental – Allows the company to do any kind of work that dosen’t leave the ground.  Working with planting, trimming and removing shrubs, small trees, and evergreen trees.  The insurance for this kind of license is generally less expensive.

Large Tree – license includes the trimming, removal, ornamental, and evergreen tree services.  Allows the company to use lifts and work on trees of any height.

Arboriculture – The most extensive license, this certifies a company for performing all of the above tree services.