How Much Does Tree Service Cost In Colorado Springs?

While many Colorado Springs residents perform yard maintenance on their own, there are some tasks best left to professionals.   The large equipment and years of specialization needed are the main factors that influence the cost of tree service.  You can expect to pay up to $1000 for tree removal and around $500 for tree trimming.  These prices are highly variable depending on the type of job, so its best to get a free quote from a professional.

Tree Removal Costs In Colorado Springs

Overall average cost is $480

Fallen Trees Cost – Removing a tree that has fallen over already is cheaper than removing the same tree that is living and in the ground.  Expect to pay around $300 to remove a dead or fallen tree in Colorado Springs.  This is the most common type of tree removal performed with 71% of the total tree removal projects.

Living Trees Cost – Living trees are often very tall and require more workers and equipment to take down.  This all adds up to a higher average cost of $600-$1000 in the Colorado Springs area.

How do prices compare with other cities in Colorado?

Denver – The Colorado Springs average of $480 is 19% lower than the denver tree removal average of $590.

Boulder – The Colorado Springs average of $480 is 31% lower than the Boulder average of $628.




Stump Removal Costs In Colorado Springs

Stump Removal is an optional addon for when you get your tree removed.  You may decide to do a stump grinding which involves turning the stump into mulch and leaving the root structure underground.  Alternatively there you can get a complete stump removal, root structure and all, which is much more difficult work.

Stump Removal Average Cost: $354

Average Stump Grinding Cost: $184

Tree Trimming Costs

Tree Trimming is a way to keep your tree healthy and free of safety hazards.  The cost varies greatly depending on the number of branches and the thickness of the tree.

Tree Trimming Average Cost: $480

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