Boulder Tree Services

We offer a large range of tree services for the Boulder Colorado area.  Before beginning any project we listen to you and work with any vision and goals you might have.  If you have no preference just leave everything to us.  You are in experienced hands!

We begin most projects by performing a free evaluation and quote.  Call the number below or use the form to set up a date.

We offer the following services in Boulder (click for average price):

  • Tree Removal
  • Tree Trimming
  • Stump Removal
  • Stump Grinding
  • Storm Damage Removal
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Average Cost For Tree Services In Boulder

Boulder Tree Removal Cost And Process

  • Living Trees – Average Cost In Boulder of $450
  • Fallen Trees – Average Cost In Boulder of $400

Tree removal involves two main types: living trees and trees that have already fallen.  A living tree is more time consuming to fell and needs more equipment.  The team will begin by taking out any large or awkward branches and then proceed to working their way around the trunk.  Eventually the tree will be felled safely in a direction opposite your home.  If the tree is surrounded by too many other buildings it will be more expensive and use an advanced technique of cutting its height down rather than toppling it over.Boulder Colorado Tree Removal Employee

Fallen Tree removal involves removing a tree that is too big to be moved as one piece.  We will come along and chop the tree into smaller pieces and haul it away.  If you have a fireplace we offer an optional $75 firewood creation fee.  We will use a log splitter tool and create a winter’s worth of firewood for you.

Oak trees in Boulder Colorado will be more expensive to remove than other types of trees.  This is because they have a harder wood and require different tools.

Boulder Stump Removal And Grinding

  • Average Stump Grinding Cost in Boulder – $119
  • Average Stump Removal Cost in Boulder – $240

Depending on whether you want stump grinding or complete stump removal you will have very different pricing.  Its important to understand the

Stump Grindingdifferences between the two before making a decision.

Stump Grinding – This involves using a tool to grind up the exposed stump into mulch.  We leave you the mulch so you can use it for fertilizing or gardening.

Stump Removal – Grinding leaves the bulb and underground root structure of the tree behind.  This underground root structure can be very large depending on the tree and take quite a bit of tools and work to remove.  The methods for removing the entire root structure include fire, chemicals, and manual digging.

In Boulder we recommend using stump grinding to avoid the dangers of fire stump removal.

Tree Trimming

If your trees’ branches are encroaching on your windows or home it can become a risk during a storm.  By trimming away some of the branches you can remove the risk and avoid completely removing the tree.

Tree trimming cost will depend again on the number of branches and type of tree that you want cut.  Generally there is a $100 setup fee and then a cost of $10 to $25 cost per branch depending on its size

Boulder Storm Damage

A Fallen Tree In Boulder CountyBoulder is known for having some pretty intense storms that can leave our trees in a mess.  Last year 60 mile an hour winds knocked down over 200 residential trees in boulder county.

When natural disasters strike we are ready for 24 hour removal by bringing in some of our crews from neighboring cities to keep up with demand.  The prices are the same as what we would charge for a fallen tree removal.

In most cases we can perform the evaluation and removal on the spot to avoid you being in an emergency such as from a fallen tree cutting off exit from your garage.

Common Types Of Trees In Boulder

Its important to know what kind of trees you have if you want to estimate the cost of your project.  Some trees are thicker and harder than other types.

Aspen – This is a hardy tree that can exist all the way to an elevation of 9,500 feet.  If you have been hiking on Flagstaff Mountain then you have already seen many of these trees on the trails.  They are one of the easier trees to cut because of their soft and relatively small diameter.  Expect a cheaper price for removing these Colorado Trees.

Oak – You can find these strees in local parks and in front of Pearl Street Mall.  There are many types of oak in boulder: such as white, chestnut, swamp white, and pin oak.  They are strong trees with very thick branches and limbs, making them one of the most difficult trees to cut.  They can be recognized by the distinctive shape of their leaves.

Maple – Along the Valmont Bike Park, Fiske Planetarium, and Andrews Arboretum you will find these trees which turn bright red in autumn.  They are about as easy to cut as the aspen tree and will be a similar price.  The Japanese Maple is one smaller tree that goes great in pots and small yards.

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